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Our Professional Hiring Events are revolutionary in bringing together Top Market Talent with local Hiring Managers. JPL Talent’s hiring events focus predominantly on the Sales, Management and Retail opportunities. Our events attract candidates from the entry level sales position (inside, outside, retail, customer service, advertising, business development) all the way up to the Management and Director levels. We attract candidates that are focused on finding new Career Opportunities where they can continue to grow both professionally and personally. Our in house Marketing team employs a hands on approach as they connect with each individual candidate providing a personal consultation as they help and guide each of the candidates to an events.

    Package Amenities Can Include:
  • Private business suite or booth for conducting interviews
  • Corporate Signage and Branding
  • Resumes Database Access from Attending Candidates
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Priority Location
  • Job postings and position advertising
  • Email and Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Full to half page advertising
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Full Day of Interviewing
  • Full Attention of the JPL Talent Team

Our events redefine the term “Career Fair” by providing a very professional and intimate setting of the open event room and the private suites setting. These atmospheres allow the candidates and hiring managers the time and privacy to get to know one another. No loud roaring crowds to deal with here, just a nice corporate atmosphere to accomplish the common GOAL of finding, meeting and hiring good talent!!!


Our Open House service, very much like the career fair, gives you the employer an opportunity to host your very own day or evening meet and greet. This service allows candidates, both passive and non-passive, a chance to take a deeper dive into your company, the work environment, and the position for which you are looking to fill. Depending on the venue, the Open House can be onsite or offsite, providing company overviews, tours and even personal interviews. Some formats may have a company seminar with a question and answer session immediately following the seminar. This way attendees can determine whether or not they are qualified or to what extent they are interested in the opportunity prior to setting up the personal interviews. In other formats the Company and its staff will simply move directly into the interview and screening process allowing time to see all of the attending candidates.

Open House services are one low flat fee and that is it!! There are not back end fees once a hire is made so this is a great opportunity to make multiple hires in one day and still only pay one flat fee.

    How the Magic happens:
  • Contact us 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date you would like to hold the event.
  • Provide JPL Talent with the Time, Date and Location of your event.
  • Fill out a position and candidate overview and provide us with the job description.
  • Once all the information has been received by JPL Talent, our team will then set up an a call with your team and make sure everything is scheduled correctly, outline the position and the days events.
  • JPL Talent will then begin the marketing/advertising campaign for the open positions and begin scheduling candidates for interviews.
  • On the day prior to the event being held, JPL Talent will provide your company with a list of confirmed applicants as well as their resumes so the team can be fully prepared.
    Why Open House?
  • Save your company the two most valuable things, TIME and MONEY.
  • Meet, Interview and hire all in a one or two step process and move on to the more important aspects that make your company successful.
  • One low flat fee no matter how many hires are made.
  • Great way to meet people in the community and help spread your company brand as well as its products and services.
  • Ability to host an event any where in the country!!


In addition to our Live Professional Hiring Events and Open House services we offer another great recruiting option our “Custom Search”. This service is perfect for those of you that are bombarded with regular day to day activities that sourcing, calling, and qualifying candidates is just to time consuming. Like the open house, this service can be held anywhere in the country, at your office or hotel of your choice and on any day that you like. You will provide JPL Talent with the job description and ideal candidate characteristics, we start the advertising engines, marketing the position(s) on all the major job portals, source candidates from all of our databases, cold call, and then pre-screen and scrub all the interested candidates. Only the best candidates that pass our thorough process and fit the exact description you are looking for will make it to the Interview stage. This service can be set so all candidates are interviewed on the same day or as each qualified candidates comes in. This service is also just one flat fee and whether you make 1 or 5 hires its still the same price.

    Custom Search timeline
  • Contact us 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date you would like to hold the Event.
  • Provide JPL Talent with the Time, Date and Location of your choice.
  • Fill out the position order form and send that and the job description back to us.
  • JPL Talent will then assign a Senior Recruiter to the project, set up an call with your team and do a deep dive into the position and the ideal candidate.
  • JPL Talent will then begin the marketing/advertising campaign and begin screening and scheduling candidates for the upcoming event.
  • On the day prior to the event being held, ​JPL Talent will provide your company with a list of confirmed applicants as well as their resumes so you can be fully prepared.
    Why use the Custom Search service?
  • All candidates are sourced, pre-screened and qualified.
  • No more wasting time interview candidates that are not qualified and do not match the ideal profile you are looking for.
  • JPL Talent does all the marketing and advertising of the position for you.
  • No back end fees when a hire is made. Hire 1 or multiple candidates and the price stays the same.

Contingency Search/Retained Recruitment

Contingency Search

Every company has different way in which they like to use recruitment services so we aim to have all of those options available when the time comes. JPL Talent contingency search is really geared for those high end positions and the tougher to find candidates. Our team does a deep dive utilizing not only the major job boards and our numerous databases but we turn to our experience executive recruiters to source candidates that are most likely not on the job market. This service comes with no commitment from you the company what so ever. We come to an agreement on a percentage fee that is acceptable to both parties and the fee’s are only paid once the offer is made.

    Here’s how we get started:
  • Once the agreement is signed by both parties you will then send to us the job description and any other information on the position that you have (position description, requirements and qualifications, compensation including benefit package).
  • One of our recruiters will then be assigned to the project and they will schedule a conference call to gather more information about the position.
  • Our team will then launch a target marketing campaign gear solely on this candidate. Job postings, social media, email campaigns, cold calling, sourcing and eventual screening and initial interview.
  • When a candidate has passed our screening process and is ready to meet with you we will send their resume as well as any notes we have for this candidate over for review.
  • When you finish your review and are ready to meet with this candidate we will set up the interview as well as continue with the process for second interviews all the way up to the sending of offer and or rejection letters and keep close contact right up to their start date.

This is a guaranteed hire service so there is no upfront cost and no payments at all until an offer is extended. The fee is a percentage of the positions yearly salary, plus commissions and bonuses. JPL Talent also offers a little added protection to you the company in the form of a 90 day replacement. If something were to go wrong in the first 90 days of employment as a gesture of good will and to build strong relationships we offer this guarantee.

Retained Recruitment

​JPL Talent also works with some clients on a Retained Recruitment basis. When we are Retained the client is willing to pay an upfront negotiated fee for our services on an exclusive basis. This means that the job will only be filled through JPL Talent and no other vendors. Our recruiters then work very closely with the client, taking their time and using an agreed approach to find the best candidate for the position. This is usually a long drawn out process with a relatively shortlist of five to ten names being considered. If all goes to plan our Recruiters will present five candidates with the matching qualifications, background, salary etc and basically all the client has to do now is pick the one they like most.

With our Retained search agreement you the client must remember that this does not come cheap. Because this service is usually for higher end positions clients can expect to pay upwards of 50% of the positions first year salary. Remember this avenue usually comes once all other avenues have been explored and the perfect candidate has yet to be found. Call us today to find out more about this service if you have been having a tough time filling those higher end positions.

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