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How to best present yourself and work the Professional Hiring Event.

Naturally, very few people enjoy stepping out of their comfort zones, walking up to a random person, and trying to strike up a conversation, but why? Fear of rejection? Fear that you won’t have anything to say? Fear that you will mix up your words, become tounge tied, and have the whole room laugh at you. JPL Talent will help you network your career fair. Just ask us how…

How should you best prepare yourself for a Professional Hiring Event.

Attending a career fair is far more than walking through the door, and requires a little bit of effort and preparation up front before showing up to a row of booths. Potential employers will be watching your every move, examining how you interact with others and reviewing your people skills. Talk to one of our team members to help prepare you for your next interview.

How do i get the most out of a Professional Hiring Event

Career fairs are becoming well-know as exceptional places to gain exposure in the career field of your choice. However simply showing up to a career fair will not pay dividend unless you are prepared to make the case for the job you desire. What should you do to ensure you are getting the most? Here at JPL Talent, we can show you how…

Professional Hiring Event secrets for success

Preparing for success is crucial for any endeavors in life but particularly when you are attending a career fair. In order to assist you in showing up prepared, performing at your best, and leaving a powerful impression on employers, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to prepare for success. Just ask on of our team members for “Tips on Career Fair Success.”

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Here at JPL Talent we strive to help businesses connect with the ideal future employee. Time and money are the two key components we help save allowing our clients to focus on their core business objectives. Our team understands the importance of improving sales, increasing productivity, and building the right corporate culture. Find out how we can help you and your business today!


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Jerry Lovasco

Jerry Lovasco
Years of experience: 13
Expertise: Management, Sales, Marketing and Recruiting

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Mindy Reed
Years of experience: 15
Expertise: Advertising and Sales, Recruiting

Ian Sanchez

Will Hopkins
Years of experience: 9
Expertise: Social Media, Marketing, Advertising

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson
Years of experience: 16
Expertise: Executive Recruiter

Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson
Years of experience: 12
Expertise: Sales and Marketing

Lupita Mendoza

Lupita Mendoza
Years of experience: 8
Expertise: Advertising and Sales

Kelly Cohen

Kelly Cohen
Years of experience: 15
Expertise: Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and Human Resources

Tommy Prendergast

Tommy Pendergast
Years of experience: 5
Expertise: Direct Marketing, Event Coordination